Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! When I was a kid it always seemed like a 'lame' holiday. I mean I got out of school, but there were no costumes, gifts, or fireworks. As I have grown older, I have learned to LOVE that about it though. I don't have to worry about crowds of people, impossible parking at events, going to parades, buying people gifts, or finding parties to go to. We cook a bang of delicious food (cause we have some talented cooks in the family), and just get to *be* together. We get to eat and talk to each other. I just find it to be some of the best quality time that I get with my family.

This year my family is coming to my house. Not because my house is that awesome, but because my house was really the best available one this year. So... in preparation for people coming over, I've been working around the house like a mad woman! (Yes, that means more blogs to come, at least in the month of November). I had been doing stuff throughout the house since my last blog, but just not blogging about it.

Note the following video:

This may not be exciting for some, but I was SO excited to be able to have ice in my fridge WITHOUT having to use ice trays :) My dear good friend Sam helped me with this project, but mostly because I was unsure of myself. It really ended up being super easy. I got this working back in August... better late than never right?

Other things I've gotten done in the house:
-finished putting up baseboards in all the finished rooms
-finally finished the last piece on the bathroom vanity
-new kitchen light
-put up beadboard on kitchen cabinets
-refinished stairs and got a hand rail
-applied verathane in the hall (which has been on my to do list forever)
-put in transition pieces from the wood floor to the tiled rooms
-caulked the kitchen backsplash (thanks mom!)
-closed up the second door from the house into the garage
-much, much more

Some of these items will have their own blogs for you to see, other didn't really have that stimulating of a visual. Lots of progress is being made though and I'm proud of all that I've accomplished this month. Mostly I'm grateful for all the time and help that I have received from all the wonderful people in my life. The guys in my ward have been very helpful and it has been so awesome to have them to rely on. My family remains so supportive and my new roommate wonderful AND handy.

Needless to say, I'm excited for Thanksgiving to get here.

To things that light a fire under you booty,