Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stepping Up

When people come to my house, I generally tell them to "ignore the ghetto parts". Pretty much referring to all of the excessive eyesores I've got reminding me that I'm no where close to being done with my house. The stairs going up to the bedrooms/bathroom area were definitely one of those eyesores....

As you can easily note... these stairs are ugly. They have remained ugly for over a year and a half because, despite their lack of aesthetics, they still functioned perfectly as stairs. Well, that was until I did this...

I'll have you know I cleaned what was underneath the stairs before I took this picture. It was GROSS! I bought new oak risers for the stairs ($26ish a piece) and that meant that I got to rip the old ones out. I do enjoy the demolition part of every project! Then I was going to paint the back of the stairs to match the wall and give it a "floating step" kind of feel.

Painting... so many projects require painting. Using one of the old risers, I cut it to fit on the face of the very bottom stair. Now there is no gaping hole!

Risers are back on. Don't mind the wall damage from the demolition phase... I'll patch that.

Walls patched, steps sanded, last coat of verathane... All finished! In total, the project ran just under $200. Most of that was the cost of the risers and verathane. Oh and the new handrail I had made was $100. I could have done a wooden one for cheaper, but I like the look/feel of the metal handrail. (Yeah I know... let the inappropriate comments begin)

Special thanks to Chad and Ryan on this project for their help!

To removing the eyesores in life,