Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here we go....

For the most part, I have been against starting my own blog. Blogspot seemed to be something that you started when you got married or started having children... like a perpetual newsletter. I found this wonderful to keep tabs on married friends and family, but didn't think I had enough going on in my life to constitute my own space on the intraweb.

At the constant prodding of a dear friend of mine, I began to consider starting a blog. She had one and she wasn't married. The biggest factor in my decision to start this blog was deciding to redecorate my townhouse. Over the years I have inherited a vast amount of free furniture. I have greatly appreciated all of these pieces during my college years, but now that I have a grown up job I decided to start living in a more personalized space. So I want to start changing things around my house to be more of a reflection on me as opposed to the people who originally bought the furniture.

Some of the projects will be as simple as painting and replacing some small decorative items. Other attempts will be much more difficult like reupholstering and reupholstering... and sewing (Yeah that's hard for me, I don't know how to do that shenanegins). Did I mention reupholstering? I'm slightly terrified of this project and will need all the advice and help this internet world can give me.

I'm on a budget for all this redecorating. So most my purchases are going to be made through the wonderful world of KSL classifieds. I'll note my efforts and expenses, so that if anyone else is considering some DIY attempts, they can glean some bravery and knowledge from my many attempts. The focus will be two rooms: family room and the office/guest bedroom.

To many adventures ahead,


PS: For most that know me, boomba is going to be a new term. This is a nickname I have, but only from one person. Zookie is one of my closest friends and has recently left the state of Utah to serve our country in Korea for the next year or so. I won't get to talk to him much, so this blog is also to keep him informed of the latest and greatest in the life of McKell. :)

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