Sunday, October 25, 2009

Going HON Wild!

I'm not sure why this post has taken me so long to get up. I had this done when I had the book case done, but just never got around to taking the pictures and posting it. Anyway, I was successfully able to replace my old desk for a much more modern HON desk. HON is a manufacturer of desks and they are really high in quality. On their website, no desk is under $300.

What happened to the budget McKell?
Budget.... oh yeah! That thing... Hmmm...

Once again, because of the glory that is KSL Classifieds, I was able to find a HON desk in the Layton area for only $60! Plus I was able to sell my old desk for $20, making my net expense on my desk $40. I think that is in the budget :)

When looking for desks, I wanted one that had actual legs. Writers desks were really attractive to me because they were kind of elegant with the legs and it would also help make the room seem bigger with the increased floor visibility. I'm not certain how much room the futon will take up in this room, so I wanted to help make it look at visually large as I could. I did actually find a beautiful writers desk and chair on KSL, but after I drove all the way down to Holladay to pick it up, the old man had sold it out from underneath me! Needless to say, I was rather angry, but that is one of the dangers of shopping on KSL. I highly recommend you always call, give your name, get their name, and get a commitment that you are going to buy it and they are going to sell it to you. That way there is no confusion.

In the end, it worked out for the best because even though it's not the exact style I wanted, it turned out being the better choice. The desk is more modern and sturdy, it's massive, but it doesn't appear to take up much space in the room. I'm really glad that I ended up getting this desk, plus the resell on it will be easy if I decide to redecorate in the future.

Enough talk, on to the pictures!

The old desk

The new desk

Old view of desk and book case

New view of desk and book case

One thing I didn't realize is that if you have open legs on the desk, then all of the random cords and wires can be seen. Right now it looks like a jumbled mess, but I'll be using twist ties to organize them as soon as I steal the ones I have at work (I never use them there).

Financial Breakdown:

Cost of new desk: $60
Less old desk revenue: $20

Total expense: $40

Special thanks Justin for taking my old desk off my hands AND paying me for it. He sent me a picture of the new desk and he could start his own before/after blog :)

To keeping to your budget,



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  2. Wow, and apparently I need to read quicker because you're updating faster than I have free time to read about it!

    The extra $20 might not be in your budget, but for your cords, might I recommend ZipSleeves?

    Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather have the appearance of 1 thick cord than even a bundle of 10 separate cords, which still somehow end up getting tangled in the end.

    Then again, I'm REALLLLLLLY OCD about that stuff, and maybe you're not. =)