Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not much, but it's a start!

So I can officially cross two items off my recipe list for my living room. Sometimes the feeling is weird, because I felt really accomplished getting two things done, but the overall impact is minimal still. So I feel like I can conquer any DIY project, but I'm also a little bit nervous that all the work could be done and still not have the impact that I'm envisioning in my mind.

Item #1: New Lamps

Since I am on a budget, not many things will be purchased unless it is absolutely necessary. These lamps (I did get two even though only one is pictured) off of KSL for $30 total. I saw these exact same lamps at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $40 EACH. Needless to say, I got a nice modern look for a very cheap price tag. They look really nice with the black table, but the shades to fade into the white walls.

Item #2: The Coffee Table

The one thing I have to say about this project is that sanding in cracks and crevices it totally lame! I bought three different grains of sandpaper: 80, 120, and 220. The sandpaper, drop cloth, and a can of spray paint for my next project totaled $20 at Lowe's. I took that table out on my back porch and began sanding the legs. Sanding flat surfaces = easy. Sanding those decorative legs = #$%@$#! :) When I went to go sand the sides of the table. I realized that it was particle board, which made me sad. I guess I was (skeptically) hoping that because it was old, it would be all wood. After I was done sanding I wiped it all down with a dry cloth. I didn't want to get the wooden legs wet. The paint that I used, a water-based black semi-gloss, was generously donated to me by the wonderful Michelle. Using the drop cloth, I set up my painting station in the middle of my kitchen. After another trip to Lowe's for paint brushes ($12) I was able to continue on. This was taken after the first coat. It covered evenly, despite being real and FAKE wood. One coat was good, but it definitely needed two coats.

I painted the first coat on Friday night and let the table set over night, then repainted the second coat the next morning. Getting into the tiny crevices of the decoration on the side was pretty hard, but I managed. I should have just gotten a really small brush for it, but didn't want to go back to Lowe's for a third time for more paint brushes. I also should have sprayed the top of the table with a finish, but like I said, I didn't want to go to Lowe's again. I may or may not get it and do it later. You just have to make sure the table has been dry for 24 hours before you put the finish on. Here is the finished (without finish) table!

I'm quite satisfied with the finished product and like the table much better now that it is repainted. Clean up was really easy and I only used one brush. I just folded up the drop cloth and will use it on other projects to come. Here is the shot of the entire living room with the new lamps and the new table.

Overall? The impact is definitely minimal. Chances are if I didn't point it out, no one would ever know. I'm hoping all the details will eventually come together in a unified whole. I like the new table and lamps. The lamp shades tend to blend in with the walls too much. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to paint any walls here, so I may have to get new lamp shades or add some pictures will lots of color. We shall see. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Total cost of lamps: $30
Total cost of table: $42 (with all materials left over for future projects)

To crossing items off the list,


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  1. Those end tables look a tad familiar ;) They look good at your place and I am glad you and Jake could use them. Don't be strangers, come on over anytime!