Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shower of my DREAMS

So... there is a lot I want to do in the house. The basement I'll probably be overhauling entirely to change the second family room into an awesome master suite with an incredible master bathroom.

I'm a big fan of glass mosaic tiles. So I spend a lot of time on Whilst perusing their glorious gallery I stumbled on the shower of my dreams...

I'm very mod in style and this just looks so incredible to me! Hopefully I'll be able to incorporate something like this in the master eventually.

Just out of curiosity... Does any one else find this as fabulous as I do? Or do I have weird taste?

To hopes and dreams and hard work,



  1. First of all.. I really LOVE your picture on your header.

    Second.. I absolutely love the look of that bathroom! You don't have weird taste - it looks really good!!

    Third.. I love you!

  2. Fourth.. I totally just fed your fish. They love me now. :)