Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Is Where the Hearth Is....

Right now I'm not allowed to work on the house. It's kind of driving me crazy because I have SO much to do, but I just have to sit here and wait. Now is a good time to kind of start getting the vision for things that I want to get done in the house.

The house has two fireplaces, one is the living room and another in the second family room (future master bedroom). I really like the look of mosaic glass tile being used on fire places. Here are a few pictures of styles that have caught my eye.

Fireplace #1

I don't really care for the color scheme here, but I like the "floor to ceiling" look. I also like that it's kind of narrow. This picture is also a good shot of the fireplace/mosaic tile in a room with wood floors.

Fireplace #2

This fireplace fits more of the color scheme that I'm looking for. Most of all, I love how the mantel and decorations on this fireplace really pull it together. This fireplace if a focal point of the room and I want my fireplace to kind of hold the spotlight in my living room.

Fireplace #3

I like the modern twist on this fireplace. The fireplaces in the house both need new inserts. They are both wood burning and I'd like them to be gas, however, inserts can be around $2,000 new. So it might have to wait. The candles might be a good (con)temporary decoration to let me save up money for new inserts.

Of the three, which do you like best? Better yet, what do you like/dislike about each one?

I'm terrible with decision making and might use this page as a forum for discussion the upcoming decisions that I have coming. I guess this means I need to get more people to come here!

To finding your inspirations everywhere you can,



  1. I like the second one best. Call me a realist or mother or whatever the right word would be but I wouldn't change both fireplaces to gas fireplaces, I would only change one. Should there be a natural disaster and the power is out or something, we do live in Earthquake land, than you would be glad to have a working fireplace to stay warm :) I like the candles also :) Paula

  2. I like #3 the best.

    #1 looks kind of neglected... or rather stuffed into an inconvenient place. It's not the hub of the living room. #2 is a little better, but that particular mosaic is a little too busy for what it supposed to be a relaxing area. #3 has a pleasant monochromatic tile mosaic, is complimented with a nice piece of artwork, and is inviting. I'm not a big fan of candle fireplaces, but you don't seem to be leaning that way, so no problem there. Besides, it's your house so you can do whatever the hell you want...

  3. I'm torn. I like the first one because it is very simple and with the right color scheme it would look great, although I really like how the second one had the visual display on it with the mantal and everything... :)

  4. I definitely like the third one the best...but perhaps the color schemes on one and two are throwing me off...

  5. My vote is definitely for #3. Contemporary and adaptable to more decorating themes. Plus - I just like looking at it - makes me feel relaxed and at home.