Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Demolition Time!

Friday I finally closed on the house! Wahoo!!! So after signing, I ran back up to Sunset as quickly as possibly to get the water turned on. I paid $30 to have someone come out and turn it on, but when they got there it was already on! Grr... If only I had known! Oh well, how was I suppose to know. I was told it wasn't on.

Anyway, the weekend was spent tearing things apart. A MILLION thanks to my parents for helping so much. We ripped up the linoleum and subfloor of the kitchen, tore up the floor in the bathroom, removed the weird wall, took out the counter and sink, removed the sheetrock around the shower, took out all the trim, and pulled out the staples/nails from the wood floor. I felt great about all the progress we made. Here are some pictures!



The Living Room/Dump

Pulling staples out of the floor

Brit showing the trim who's boss!

Jake also mowed the lawn with a new lawn mower from his great parents! This is a massive amount of pictures, but it is only a fraction of what we accomplished over the weekend.

To building things back up again,


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