Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yep, I got cheap new knobs!

I have to take a moment to give a vast amount of credit to my mother. I had been throwing the idea around for a while about buying a house, but didn't want to until I had like $20,000 saved up for it. So it would have been a while! It was her that called me up and put the bug in my ear about looking at some houses before I renewed my lease. She also came to every house my wonderful real estate agent, Lewis, took me to see.

Needless to say her involvement has been quite critical! She has been very supportive and I cannot express my gratitude clearly enough on this blog for all that she has done to help. The list does not end here though, just this Tuesday she out did herself helping me again.

Last Saturday when Jake and I were at the ReStore, they said they were going to have some oil-rubbed bronze door handles out on Tuesday. My mom was so concerned that they were going to go fast that she offered to go down that morning and buy them for me. She went down there and they still didn't have them out. She was able to talk them into letting her into the back to search through a pallet of door knobs. She was literally there for HOURS. The boxes did not specify the color, so she had to look through every one to find the style and color she needed. Plus then she had to make sure she could get enough of one style for all of my doors to match.

Not only did she find some for me, she also find some for her too! Here's some shots:

Since I wasn't there to see them when she picked them out I was kind of nervous. I thought they were going to be too bronze, but they are more black, which is just what I wanted. These fit with my color scheme and I'm pretty excited! Silly me, I should just trust my mother.

The best part about these are the price. I looked up the brand and model online and the cheapest I could find them in this same finish was $22 a piece. ReStore was selling them for $15. She got me six door knobs, however; my mom also picked me up two dead bolts for $30 a piece and two outside door knobs, for $50 a piece. She got 9 door knobs for herself too. So for the discounted prices of $15, $30, and $50 my mom should have spent $385 on those door knobs. She got up to the register and the guy helping her (one of the owners) told the cashier to charge her $125 for everything!

So my amazing door knobs only cost me $65!

To having a wonderful mom that I love,


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  1. Great deals and a great Mom, McKell. Love to hear of your progress on the home front. Can't wait to see it! Love, Aunt Sharyl