Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brass = TACKY

While at Lowe's the other day with my parents, I was looking at all the things I wanted for the house. Really, I was coveting all the things I couldn't afford for the house. My mom made a very astute observation that will probably ring true for at least the next year of my life:

I have champagne taste with a Shasta cola budget.

Raised sinks, cracked glass counter tops, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures... I was looking at a lot of stuff that I just couldn't afford. I, however, am a resourceful person. Looking at things I want inspires me to find a way to get it for cheap, hence my passion for the ReStore.

One thing I want to do, but can't afford is to have oil-rubbed bronze fixtures for everything in the house. Door knob, hinges, lights, faucets, etc. I want them to match! However, I do not have the money for oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures. If there is a will, there is a way. Here is how you all can get beautiful fixtures for way cheap.

Disconnect ugly brass light. Make sure to wash and dry thoroughly, then sand the surface with 220 grit sand paper, wipe clean.

Mist layer of indoor/outdoor flat black primer. MIST, don't spray one heavy coat and cause it to pool and run down the fixture. Then you will have to let it dry, sand it again, and then re-prime it.

Let dry 10 minutes.

Mist with copper paint, let dry ten minutes.

Mist with brushed metallic oil-rubbed bronze paint. Let dry one hour before reinstalling light.

I had a hard time finding all the right colors, Walmart ended up having them all. For more detailed instructions, check out Krylon's DIY project page. Total cost ended up being $20 and I've done three lights so far and have plenty of paint for more.

So here are the official before and after shots:



I think it turned out really great! Jake was so great and took down all the fixtures for me because I had no idea how to do it. Unfortunately, one fixture was wet when he removed it. I'll have to investigate. Then he put one back up in the dark so I could take my "after" picture for the blog. However, he did tell me the rest were going up in the day light :) What do you think of how it turned out?

To living the high life with a regular budget,



  1. Now you know the way of the Mexican. I'm proud. Good lookin' fixture, btw. Keep it up!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! It should match the beautiful knobs and hinges nicely :)Love, Mom