Sunday, April 11, 2010

Light or Dark?

When originally picking colors for the house I wanted to do grey walls with white trim. I wanted to do a neutral that wasn't beige, but would still look good with either blacks or browns.

Here are some pictures of what I was sort of planning on doing:

Lately, I have been to some newly remodeled homes that have had a lighter wall color and darker trim. Now, I know dark trim immediately seems to give people the willies. I know white trim is classic and probably will always be in style. Decorating with a darker trim would probably be quite difficult, because trim should be consistent throughout the entire house. I know, I know... but in these houses I went to it looked very good. I'm sad I didn't take pictures, because I had a hard time finding any examples on the Internet similar to the ones I saw in these houses.

Here are some pictures of a light wall, dark trim that I did find:

I'm very curious as to what everyone thinks about this? Which one are you more partial too? I was thinking of maybe doing a light grey, with a dark grey trim for the color scheme. Do you think I will regret this entirely? Is it too contemporary? Has anyone else done this and loved it? Do you have picture examples? I don't know... just give me your thoughts. I'm trying to figure out what to do here!

To having contrast in our life,



  1. I LOVE the dark trim. I think it looks great. And the best part is, its just paint so you can redo it fairly easy if your don't love it. And I think going with Grey is a great choice. We've been doing a taupe on our house. Not grey but not brown either.

  2. please tell me what color of grey did you use in your dining area