Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breaking and Entering

Got these new door slabs down at the ReStore for $10 a piece. I'm going to take the old doors with the new ones to Wheelwright Lumber to have them drill the hinges/knob holes that I need. Door slabs are usually around $30, so I was able to save some money there.

As we usually do, Jake and I went to Chipotle after our visit to the ReStore and then came home. Upon arriving back at the apartment we ran into a small problem: we were locked out! I dropped my car off this morning at the shop to get some work done and borrow my brother's truck. Well his key ring doesn't have the key to the apartment on it. Ooops!

Lucky for me, Jake was able to get in through the window above the sink. I just wish that I hadn't had a sink full of dirty dishes for him to try and climb over. Looks like today will be a cleaning day :)

To life's little surprises,


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