Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Tradition

In preparation for working on the house, Jake and I have recently started a new tradition on Saturdays. This tradition was started when a friend of mine, Jed, did some service at ReStore down in Salt Lake City.

ReStore is a place where you can donate construction items, kind of like a DI for construction goods. ReStore takes these donations and sells them to raise money for building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes things are close to what you would regularly pay, other times they are way cheap. Some things are brand new, some are used. My friend Jed called because there had been a construction trade show in Salt Lake, but instead of shipping a lot of the displays back, they donated them instead.

Inventory is kind of unpredictable, so you really have to check it out every week. Plus, on Saturday they always have specials. The last time I went all the lighting was 50% off and I got some cute sidewalk lights for the yard. So we go Saturdays because of the specials.

Today we went and got a lot of odds and ends of things we would need. Painting supplies, some more stuff for the yard, door hinges, and some lights for the outside of the house.

They are dirty and need to be cleaned, but for $5 each I'm not complaining. Plus the best thing about the store is that there is NO TAX. That's right, there is no sales tax on anything in the store. I got my double oven here for $125 and that's what I paid, not $133.50. Hopefully by spending some Saturday's getting supplies and some good deals on stuff I will be able to save a decent amount of money for the house.

After a morning looking at the stuff in the ReStore, then Jake and I hit up Chipotle on our way back. I think their burritos are about the size of a new born infant. I can only eat about half of one. They are super tasty and a very environmentally conscious company. Everyone should support businesses that have good ethics like Chipotle! Plus you get a ridiculous amount of food for a pretty cheap price tag.

To adventurous traditions,


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