Monday, May 17, 2010

I was in a coma for two weeks....

Ok, that isn't true. I'm sorry that I lied. Seriously though, I looked at the calendar today at work and almost passed out when I realized that it was May 17th. For reals? What on earth happened to the last two weeks? I seriously misplaced FIFTEEN days. I know I was active and working on the house the entire time, but I must have been in a zombie-like-active-coma. I turned in my thirty day notice on May 13th, so that means that I now have less than a month to be in the house. YIKES!

I keep feeling like I can't make a post until a project is done. I'm sorry, that is the type A in me that wants a perfect entry, start to finish. Most of the projects can't be completely done in a weekend though. So I'm going to start updating the work that has been completed. Here are the pictures of the first main project: tiling the kitchen.

Tearing up the old linoleum floor

The Hardy Backer down and taped

Glue mixed to start officially tiling

The first piece down *Que Hallelujah chorus*

Dining room tile done, no grouting

Don't let anyone fool you... grouting is the worst part about tiling

Kitchen tile down with grouting

The floor is completely done. The linoleum and sub-floor was ripped out. Any suspicious wet spots were sprayed with mold killer. Hardy Backer, 1/4 inch, was screwed down into the sub-floor and the seams were taped. Mud was mixed, porcelain tile was laid, and grouting was complete. I unfortunately don't have a great picture of the finished product because you cannot mop for at least ten days.

To having 178 square feet complete,


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