Monday, May 17, 2010

A Steal of a Deal

All new appliances for under $1,000; that is my goal for the house. So far I am doing pretty well. I got the black double oven from the ReStore for $125 and this last week on KSL Classifieds I got a side by side, water/ice dispenser, black and stainless fridge for $475.

So I've spent $600 on my appliances so far, but still need a microwave (back and stainless preferred), dishwasher (can be just black), stove top (stainless gas preferred) and a hood (stainless). Hopefully with some KSL Classified I can scrounge up the rest of what I need within my $400 budget remaining. I can go a little over, but how cool would it be to say I got all the appliances in my house for under $1000?

Here is the latest purchase:

Isn't she pretty? Yeah, I thought so too! Keep your eyes out for some good deals for me :)

To deals that are steals,


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  1. That would be really cool - you are soooo close too!! Just a few more things! We'll have to start looking everywhere to get a good deal on everything and keep you under that grand mark ;)