Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Christmas First

I've lived on my own for over 5 years of my life. Yet, in all this time, I've never bought and decorated a Christmas tree. This year I decided that as my first Christmas in my house, that I would finally make the investment of having some Christmas spirit on display.

My roommate Britney was very excited. On the Friday after Thanksgiving (during the middle of the day, none of the midnight black friday shopping ridiculousness) we went to Walmart and picked out the tree, ornaments, and the topper for the tree. Here are the pictures of our tree!

Out of the box and in some dire need of "fluffing"

It's starting to look like a real tree :)

Pre-lit trees = WIN!

Gold ribbon on with the lights

Ornaments on without the lights. I swear there are a lot of ornaments on there, it just doesn't look like it in this picture.

Decorations up, lights on, DONE!

I'm very proud of my cute little tree. I can't wait to start wrapping presents so the base of the tree doesn't look so lonely.

To starting your own traditions,


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