Monday, November 8, 2010

The Joys of Homeownership....

Don't get me wrong, I love my house. I've worked very hard on it and wish it would finish itself, but I think it was an investment and a learning experience that money could not buy. That being said:


The beginning misbehavior was this summer when we discovered the furnace was no good. That was a $2800 expenditure. Not only that, some of the people that kept staying at the house would play with the AC which resulted in it causing the freon to freeze and the freon drain. So then the air wasn't even cold after it was fixed, however, it is working very nicely for winter.

This last week my I noticed that my drain in the laundry room was acting up. We'd run a load of laundry and it would back up. After a while it would slowly drained, but then it would leave terribly gross stuff on the floor. This happened once and then didn't happen again, but then it got worse and worse. Every time we tried to do laundry, then the dishes, then showering. After a while it started backing up through the bathroom in the basement as well. The house smelled all mildewy and it was no good at all.

I tried Drano and a Brandt plug, but neither remedied the situation. I had to call in a plumber from Roto-Rooter. Ended up being the roots from my yard had grown into the main line going out to the sewer. So they had to snake all of those out and then informed me that the main line was in rough shape and that I'd need to look into replacing it in a few years. Joy....

While he was cleaning up all of his tools, then he noticed this gem of a find.

Yeah, the toilet upstairs had a leak and had been leaking for quite some time. Since no one uses that bathroom, no one noticed the tumor growing from the ceiling. So he had to reinstall the toilet correctly and then there was a leaking fitting in the ceiling that he had to tear into and replace. As I sit here now he is out there tallying up my bill. We are at a minimum of $355, plus parts and tax.

I guess I should just consider myself lucky that I have the money for this and that I'm lucky not to have to touch my savings to cover it. I have a job that takes very good care of me and enables me to live a good life. Without these frustrating times in life I would not understand or appreciate the peace.

To biting the bullet,


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  1. Oh gosh...see this is why we don't want to buy anytime soon. PROBLEMS are NOT my friend. Nor Nicks. I so much like being able to call someone to fix it on their penny and time.