Friday, August 5, 2011

Casing Out My Place

So I mentioned in my last post that I had gotten a lot of things done at my house. One of the reasons that I hadn't been posting about them is because I'd already written about the start of the projects. In my post I'm Not Dead! and A Little Privacy Please... I showed everyone my progress on getting my door casings up and getting the first three bedroom doors up.

Well, I'm pleased to announce that I finished the remainder of the interior doors. My bathroom has new door (YAY!) as well as my coat closet and pantry. My turn around on these doors was much quicker. Mostly because showering with a sheet for a door was quite chilly. I've also got most of the casings up around the doors. The only four I have left are the inside of the bedrooms/bathrooms. It really has made such a big difference in starting the "finished look" that I want to have.

Front door and closet before the casings.

After the casings and new closet door are up.

Pantry with the casings, but before the door.

Pantry with casings and door. Got to admit, it's really nice not having all my food on display all the time.

This was sort of a finishing up of some other posts. I still have a few more casings left, but all the interior doors should now be taken care of. Reba was super helpful in this project. I also quit using paintable caulk for my nail holes and opted for white nail filler. Works MUCH better.

To showers without the draft,


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