Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Shade Cooler

Back in April I decided to start getting window shades for the rest of the house. I had finally gotten curtains in the living room, but really needed them in the bedrooms upstairs. I still have broken central air and needed to start blocking out the light to help keep things cool as it would begin to get warm in the summer. Lucky for me, this summer hasn't been terrible.

Around this time, I had gone to Jack and Stef's condo and they had some really nice panel curtains from IKEA. I just really liked the look that they had. So, I went down to IKEA to get the panel system. After two trips and spending $345, I had everything I needed to block some sunlight from my bedrooms. While it seems expensive... I got six windows out of it.

Putting together the panel system from IKEA was time consuming, but once I realized the best order of operations, it made things go by much quicker! One thing that I enjoy about buying IKEA products is that all of the packaging is recyclable. So I was able to recycle most of the stuff :)

Office window panel

Both windows in the office

Windows in the master bedroom

I also did the window in the second bedroom and the bathroom. I really enjoy the look of them and have the fabric to do more window panels for the addition when I get that far in the house. The project did take a full weekend, but really I was glad to cover up my ugly windows :)

To beating the heat,


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