Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have this thing about beds...

A lot of people say home is where the heart is, but technically you never leave your heart anywhere. I've always been rather attached to my bed and whenever I travel I always miss my bed the most. I just don't sleep the same on other beds. When I was remodeling the bedroom, I got a new bed frame, but kept my mattress/box springs.

So now that the house has a new bed it has sort of made things more official for me. Maybe I am weird and beds are just beds, but for me it's the cornerstone of my home. So here are some pictures of the bedroom now.

Here is the new rug I got a Lowe's for the bedroom. It was only $25 and I love it! The rug kind of has all the colors I want to focus on in the room. Right now there are a lot of neutrals in the room with the espress/black, grey, tan, and whites. I'm usually quite colorful, so this is a definite departure.

The new bed has a leather headboard and footboard and sits rather low to the ground. After getting the new bed I had to update my bedding. I found a down comforter set at Ross that included the comforter, two down pillows, and a duvet cover/shams. I didn't want to use the duvet cover because I thought the bed would be too dark. I like contrast, so I left the duvet as a blanket by itself to use since the house is so hot.

Don't mind the fans... the furnace doesn't work, which means the AC doesn't really work either. Since I remodeled the living room (pics to come), I was able to use the old end tables and lamps in the bedroom, which match the bed really well. You can also see the floors in this shot. In my entry What Lies Beneath, the floor in the picture is this bedroom floor.

To having a place to put your head,


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  1. How wonderful that some of the most important aspects of the house are coming together!